Invisible Others

Invisible Others cover

Set against the stark beauty of contemporary Paris, Invisible Others is a story about loss, intimacy, and the inability to communicate despite best intentions. Provocative, sensual and fiercely honest, the novel captures our feeble attempts at deciphering those fleeting moments when others, consciously or not, leave indelible marks on our lives.

“An intense study on the destructive nature of relationships.” – S.A. Partridge

“Kept me spellbound and glued to the pages from start to finish.” – Willemien Brümmer

“Seductive, intriguing and cinematically evocative.” – Emma van der Vliet

“A most rewarding read, and let it be known that a very good writer is at work here.” – Naas Steenkamp

To read an excerpt click here: “The image with which Invisible Others began”

Published by Protea Book House, March 2014.
ISBN: 9781485300175

Protea Book House had its inception in 1992 as an intimate book store in Pretoria. Soon afterwards the publishing division was born. Today Protea is the biggest independent publisher in South Africa and it has a number of retail outlets across the country. With publications ranging from children’s books to important academic works, fiction, poetry, history and biographies, Protea is constantly encouraging important literature in both English and Afrikaans.

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