Operation Oysterhood: Day Forty-Six

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.



A looooong working day. And I survived being put on hold by Telkom for half an hour, trying to get my latest bill sent to me by email. All other options (text, website, Twitter) failed miserably, so phoning was the last resort. Once I got through to a human being, the matter was resolved within two minutes. I know that this has been the way of the twenty-first century – reducing face to face customer service – and now with Covid-19 nothing will ever be the same again, but I miss being able to go to a counter, speaking to another human being about my problem and having it resolved that way instead of the faceless, often automated kind of help one can mostly expect nowadays. Then, after Telkom, I took a deep breath and dialled another number (fifteen minutes on the phone to Discovery, trying to resolve an issue with a claim – the doctor got paid twice and I got nothing…). This phone call was also a success once I spoke to the nice consultant at the end of the line, but sjoe, I REALLY DON’T enjoy talking on the phone with strangers! It’s sheer torture.


I started work early today, at around 8am, continued until lunchtime and then subjected myself to these two conversations. Walking was the only option afterwards, around forty-five minutes in loops around my garden. It was lovely outside and I felt restored. Then another four hours of computer work. At the end of the working day, a few lovely emails were waiting in my inbox to be answered. Throughout the day, weekend leftovers kept me fed and litres of coffee kept me focused. And Salieri, as always, catssisted by sleeping on one of my books (she is still in the same spot as in the photo above now!).

We sent a book to the printers today! But I am too tired to even celebrate with a nice glass of wine. (Don’t hate me. I grew up in a country notorious for the levels of alcohol its citizens consume. Not feeling like a drink always feels reassuring, especially under our current circumstances.)

Are we expecting any rain this week? I really want to walk on the Common again. Maybe very early one of these mornings before everyone else gets up…?

Current mood:

Damien Kempf

Bed. Mindless television. Good night.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Stay at home.

“Physical distancing remains one of the key strategies to curb this pandemic.”


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