Operation Oysterhood: Day Sixty

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.


426The Cape of Storms. As the lovely Khalida commented on Twitter, I did brave the elements this morning, but, as I explained, only because I would rather brave the elements than people right now. And the weather has kept most people indoors before nine a.m., so I ventured out and loved every second of my walk on the Rondebosch Common.

During the last two days, the Western Cape has recorded over a thousand new confirmed Covid-19 cases each day. The area where I live is among the ones most affected. Physical distancing might be the only way to keep safe, no matter how hard it is. I think we need to comprehend that the possibility of minimising human interaction is a great privilege right now. At least that’s the way I see it. Rustum Kozain tweeted earlier today: “I am staying on lockdown level 6.” I get it! And for the foreseeable future, I don’t see much changing for me personally and professionally either, whether we are on level five or three. Acting as much as possible as if we were still in hard lockdown – if you have the luxury to do so – will save lives. I still remember that early advice: act as if you were already infected…

I walked in solitude with the elements and it felt good.

This beautiful autumn leaf wanted to be taken home. It is next to my bed and it makes me smile every time I see it. I love the colours.


I did sleep in my own bed last night, without interruptions, but with a little bit of help from the medicine box. I just couldn’t face a night of lying awake in a storm.

Salieri and I spent a long time in bed this morning. I got up briefly to handle a few professional emails, but returned to bed the moment they were written. After discovering the fun of a book ribbon, Salieri said that I must find more such books to read. With pleasure, dear Salieri! I love books with ribbons, too.


You know the weather is bad when Mozart refuses to go out during the day. He usually sits on the stoep even during the worst rainfalls, but this morning he decided to stay in and listen to the rain on the windowsill.

It was a chicken soup kind of day. I cooked it yesterday, anticipating that it would be needed in the beginning of this week.

One of the printers I work with had to close down for two weeks due to a confirmed Covid-19 case. It affects one of the projects I am involved in. We need to brace ourselves, be patient, support the people we work with in any way we can. Sadly, these are not going to be isolated cases. (Which reminds me, the moment I finish writing, I have to bring in the uncollected garbage – uncollected since last week, also because of a Covid-19 case at our depot…)

The good news is that from this week on the Alma Café is delivering home-made dinners in the vicinity of Alma Road in Rosebank. If you are in the area, but are not on their mailing list yet, do get in touch with them: orders@almacafe.co.za – the menu for this week looks delicious. Retha’s famous lemon meringue pie features on the menu for each day. Bliss! I ordered a whole pie just for myself for next weekend :)

But tonight, a different kind of treat awaits…

435First fire of the season.

Good night.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Stay at home. If in doubt about what we are doing, think of Brazil.

“Physical distancing remains one of the key strategies to curb this pandemic.”


Day SIXTY!!!

1 thought on “Operation Oysterhood: Day Sixty

  1. Bookruse

    My daughter Zeenat says Salieri looks very royal with the white chest. Looking at her photos I must agree! Wishing you warm coziness – seems Winter temps have arrived in Jhb! ❄️


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