Operation Oysterhood: Day Sixty-Three

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.

— @HaggardHawks

Last night, Glinka decided to join me on the couch, under the quilt (left above), and we had some (and a little) whiskey and watched TV, while Bobik, the teddy bear, held the bottle in place between his thick teddy ankles. A jolly bunch if there ever was one until we all fell asleep and eventually were so uncomfortable and cold that we woke up and moved to our proper bed. It took me forever to fall asleep again, but my favourite Twitter accounts kept me entertained until Morpheus was ready to welcome me back into his elusive arms.

No roof leaks spotted yet – a miracle! – despite the much needed rain coming down in streams for most of the day. I haven’t checked up on my Frog Prince, but I have an idea that he is loving the rain.

There wasn’t really another option today but to work in the warm bed and with a steady supply of warm drinks (mostly coffee, but also ginger/lemon/honey infusions) until it was time to move in front of a welcoming winter fire. I can always rely on my catssistants to supervise the mouse and the szczurek when we are all working under a duvet.

We did go on the live safari, too, as all of us adore the Wild Earth Kalahari meerkats. They are irresistibly cute.

Giraffes? What giraffes?




I had to write a rejection letter today and that is never easy. It is never easy to receive one either, but it is more awkward for me to be on the publisher’s side of the exchange. As writers, most of us have to learn to live with rejection letters and grow a thick skin, otherwise submitting work for potential publication becomes too traumatic. To be contributing to that skin growth as a publisher is no fun either and I wish it would not be part of the process.

Blogging is different and maybe even rougher on the soul, because there is no filter, no editor, only the deep waters of the internet. A few people have told me that they read this blog regularly, even daily, and every time I hear it, my heart smiles. So thank you to all of you for taking the time, for the kindness of reading. This has been my diary for the past sixty-three days. I haven’t recorded a single thought in my private diary during all this time. From the beginning of the lockdown, I have felt that it might be important to reflect on such a deeply affecting communal process on a communal platform. My plan is, however, to print these posts at the end of the lockdown, have them bound somehow into a book and add the lockdown blog diary to the collection of my private diaries. Thank you to all of you for being part of this daunting experience.

This was my treat of the day. My love arranged for me to have this delicious La Colombe Dine-In Experience. When La Colombe was still at its old location, that is where I first had oysters on my twenty-ninth birthday many years ago. No oysters on the dine-in menu, but everything included was so stunning that I did not miss an oyster for a second. And it was wonderful to remember our last meal there and to dream about the one that we will be able to enjoy together at the restaurant when it is safe for all of us to go back at level one or zero probably…

Level three regulations have been mostly clarified. Apart from walking more outside my property and the ability to stock up on red wine, no much will change for me personally. I just hope that everyone else who is returning to work can do so in as safe as possible manner. Let us please honour all these people by doing all we can to act in such a way that we don’t endanger them any further than absolutely necessary.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Stay at home.

“Physical distancing remains one of the key strategies to curb this pandemic.”


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