Operation Oysterhood: Day Ninety-Two

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.

— @HaggardHawks


The day began the way it is ending: in bed, with cats. I had an exceptionally good sleep (and hope for a repeat tonight).

In the morning, we read, watched Wild Earth and worked in bed (well, one of us did) until fresh air and movement was needed.

There was almost no one walking or running around the Rondebosch Common at lunchtime today. I enjoyed the sun and it was good to stretch legs, and my back, especially the shoulders a bit.

I am now back in bed, with the sore shoulder resting on a hot water bottle. The afternoon in front of my desktop computer killed my back again. I am not sure why it took me thirty years of menstruating to finally realise this, but it seems to me that my back pains at this time of the month are simply the result of the cramps, general muscle tensions and discomfort I experience in the entire body. My brain is usually foggy around this time, so maybe that is why it took three decades to figure this out.

The less foggy bits of my brain have been all used up for work today. And the little bit of energy I have left after this long week will be invested into cooking dinner (the temptation to just have a bag of popcorn while watching an episode of Carter is strong and has to be resisted). I think there is an opened bottle of lovely red waiting in the kitchen…

Cheers to a kind and calm weekend!

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Stay at home.

“Physical distancing remains one of the key strategies to curb this pandemic.”


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