Operation Oysterhood: 28 -30 September

A little bit of lagoon luxury: Mosaic Lagoon Lodge. Our last two nights of holiday were spent just outside of Stanford on the beautiful lagoon, teeming with bird and plant life, spectacular views and rainbows.

Despite occasional rain showers, we managed to walk in the area and simply relax before our return home late this morning. Yesterday, we met with my love’s family for a hearty lunch at Stanford Hills. It was good to see them and to know that they are well. And I really liked my burger and the local rosé.

It was soul-soothing to have all this time with my love and together to enjoy the beauty and bounty that our Western Cape has to offer its residents and visitors.

While we were on the road, I spoke a few times with my Mom on the phone and every time I asked her how she was, she said ‘all well here’ and changed the topic, so I knew something was not entirely ‘all well’, but she would not tell me what was happening. I felt however that because of other comments she made that she was more and more worried about the pandemic and urged us stronger than ever to be careful. I spoke to her this afternoon after my return home: she had to self-isolate all the time we were away after her neighbour tested positive for the virus! Mom tested negative, but was advised to self-isolate for a few days after the test results as a precaution. She is completely fine now, thank goodness, but I did tell her that she MUST NOT keep these things from us (my brother was also on holiday during this time and she did not want to worry us). Mothers! You’ve got to love them, even when they are naughty like this.

Home. Cats. Work (not that it stopped completely on holiday, but I did get away with some truly lazy days).

Good night.

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