Operation Oysterhood: 8 January

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.

— @HaggardHawks

The day ran away with me. I did not accomplish everything I intended to, but did manage quite a lot of other stuff that wasn’t planned, and I made sure to do the two things that I promised to do for myself today: go to The Hoghouse Bakery to get a takeaway lunch snack and some treats to enjoy with my coffee, and to have a proper swim. These simple pleasures keep me sane and going even when the everyday gets tough. If I manage to swim every day, I can sit at my computer for many hours without experiencing back problems. And a chocolate chip cookie from The Hoghouse Bakery can brighten any day.

It’s going to be a working weekend. Chocolate chip cookies and swimming will help me get through it.

I was driving through Cape Town just before curfew tonight and it was quite eerie. (There is definitely less crime in our area with the curfew in place.)

The latest update from the ICU: stable again – thank all goddesses!

Be kind. Wear a mask. Support local.

“Physical distancing remains one of the key strategies to curb this pandemic.”


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