Operation Oysterhood: 23-24 October

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.

— @HaggardHawks

Loadshedding in the small hours

The transcontinental Start Trek: Picard watching with my brother was a great success. We are three episodes in and loving it.

And my love and I finished watching Call My Agent! – a delight, although I am quite ambivalent about the ending and pleased that another season has been announced. Next up: Sex Education, latest season.

Otherwise, a working weekend, apart from a lovely Saturday lunch with friends at The Black Sheep. My first meal at the restaurant, but certainly not my last. Delicious. And the company was great.

Yet, nothing beats my love’s roast chicken, Sunday evening’s treat, which I am about to enjoy. My area is loadshedding tonight, but I am safely elsewhere. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the blackout and read until power came back on and I could fall asleep again. Loadshedding and insomnia are a horrible combination.

Anyway, I did catch up with a lot of work this weekend and feel ready for the week. I hope that life will become less stressful again in November. I am looking forward to the McGregor Poetry Festival and another festival to be announced shortly … :)

Be kind. Wear a mask. Support local. Get vaccinated, please.

“Physical distancing remains one of the key strategies to curb this pandemic.”


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