Seychelles: The Island Family Reunion

After two years of lockdown, computer screens and impossible longing, I finally got to see and hug my family – on Mahé, of all places! My love had to travel there for work and The Family Island Reunion became part of the trip. To have the three people I love most in the world in one place for almost two weeks – it was beyond-words-marvellous! (So I will allow the images to speak mostly for themselves.)

The island

We toured Mahé with the most amazing guide – George – who took us to touristy and less touristy spots and told us about everyday life in the Seychelles. Meeting him and listening to his stories truly enriched our experience.

The beaches

I snorkelled for the first time in my life – not without difficulties, as I have a fear of deep (deep starts at two metres) waters, but it was amazing to do it, even if I chickened out of a few places where I did feel anxiety overwhelm me.

The blue

Sailing with Basil, our great skipper

Spent two nights sleeping on deck – loved it, especially the waking up with the first light in the middle of a calm bay.

The deck was also the perfect ‘home’ office. Fortunately, I could relax most of the time, but a little bit of work had to be done.

My love has sea legs of note, and he and the Skipper had the best of times, but I got horribly seasick (not unexpectedly). It turned out that all three Szczureks, despite being water rats, turned out not to be sea rats. We suffered. But! It was so worth it.

The tastes and scents

Local cuisine is divine! The local red snapper was a hit. Loved the mango salad, too – Basil taught me how to make it myself during the trip. Together, under his guidance, we also prepared a feast from a fresh bonito (bought in the middle of the ocean from passing fishermen) on board the boat. Probably the best fish meal I ever had.


Mom brought a wine from Italy with her that has her name on it – Roma – so we had Roma with Roma :) We also celebrated all the big birthdays which we missed celebrating together during lockdown with a ship-shaped cake and all the candles. To have coffee with my Mom on a beach in paradise is a memory I will never forget. She loves coffee as much as I do.

The light

Ukraine. The day Putin invaded Ukraine, we were at Hindu temple in Victoria, Mahé, and I couldn’t stop staring at the candle lights in the temple as a darkness was descending on the world that none of us could grasp or comprehend …

The books

A taste of local literature I am looking forward to exploring.

Going home

We flew with Ethiopian Airlines (excellent!) and on the way back during the day, mesmerised, I watched Kilimanjaro from the sky – the closest I will probably get to the majestic mountain.

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