Operation Oysterhood: Day Eight

OYSTERHOOD is reclusiveness or solitude, or an overwhelming desire to stay at home.


Mark Hamill liked your tweet

No, I am not bragging. Not. At. All.


I have been a Star Wars fan since my birth; Star Wars and I both arrived on this planet in 1977. And Luke Skywalker has ALWAYS been my favourite character. There might have been a bit of a crush involved at some stage – when I was thirteen or thirty or something – and NOW this happened! It was the first thing that I saw on my phone this morning. Despite mostly having a shitty day, I am still smiling when I see it. Thank you, Mr Hamill. When I was thirteen, I did not understand the difference between actor and role, and I promised myself one day to travel across the galaxy and marry you, or rather Luke Skywalker. In a galaxy far, far away…

The little Twitter like-heart is a happy-enough ending to this story for me. Yay!


On days like today, I should not be driving. Not that I am driving anywhere nowadays. I haven’t been anywhere since 26 March. Topolino is all lonely and sad in the garage. But a few years ago, on a day like today – a day of monstruosity of note – I caused a small accident. No one got hurt, there wasn’t much damage, the other party was super-nice about it, but I knew: no driving on days like these. Actually: nothing on days like this. But, of course, I usually take mountains of painkillers and carry on (no driving though). Today, I decided for the first time ever that I will just do nothing that does not ease my monstrual misery.


So I lay around, had more leftovers for lunch, walked a few garden loops (without counting), swam a lot (great against cramping), read, listened to the radio, watched Wild Earth’s live safari for a while (hyenas, spiders and elephants – a herd with little ones bathing – bliss), and received another food delivery, this time of fresh fruit and veggies from SHOP2YOU. I placed my order on Wednesday and voila, everything arrived fresh and beautiful today.

The sun was soothing, the sky blue, the water balm for the body and soul. A day of being and waiting. I am writing earlier than usual because I will have a very early night tonight, but before I get into bed, I am going to sit on my stoep with a glass of nice wine and watch birds in my garden. I can identify quite a few by now, so this gives me great pleasure.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Stay at home.

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